The Eye Surgery Center

Eye Surgery Centry

The Eye Surgery Center
1100 Hinesburg Road
South Burlington, VT 05403

This is the first and only non-hospital-owned outpatient surgical center in all of Vermont. It is a state- and federally-licensed, Medicare-approved facility that has received the highest possible accreditation approvals.

The Eye Surgery Center is an “eyes-only” facility that is specifically tailored to cataract surgery. At a hospital, where everything from joint replacements to open heart surgery takes place, eye surgery is often given second-tier status. The Eye Surgery Center has mastered the art of treating ophthalmology surgical patients. The caring, highly-trained, and dedicated staff of the center put patients at ease and make their experience with eye surgery stress-free. As a testament to the expert care that The Eye Surgery Center provides, most of the area’s cataract surgeons bring their patients here for cataract surgery.

Other benefits include covered parking with direct elevator access. Moreover, patients are treated in a setting where they are not exposed to communicable diseases or sick patients.

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Lastly, having cataract surgery in an ambulatory surgery center (as opposed to a hospital) is less expensive for both the patient and the healthcare system. Surgery in a hospital can cost twice as much as surgery at The Eye Surgery Center. These higher prices lead to higher bills to Medicare, as well as higher out-of-pocket costs for patients. In fact, most patients save hundreds of dollars per eye by having their cataract surgery performed at The Eye Surgery Center. In this way, the care that patients receive at The Eye Surgery Center is not only more personalized, but it is also a better value.

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