Light Adjustable Lens

If you need cataract surgery or are interested in lens-based vision correction, you need to consider what type of intraocular lens (IOL) is right for you.  Our cataract surgeon, Dr. Keshava offers many different IOLs, including the latest advanced-technology lenses.  One option is the Light Adjustable Lens (LAL) from RxSight.  For those that want crisp, clear vision after surgery, this IOL can make it possible.

What is the Light Adjustable Lens?

The Light Adjustable Lens (LAL) is the world’s first lens implant that can be truly customized to your eye and visual requirements.  With the LAL, you can test drive different vision settings. This customization allows you to have your personal ideal eyesight, reducing or even eliminating the need for eyeglasses in most daily situations.

How does it work?

Once the LAL is in your eye and it has healed, your surgeon uses a Light Delivery Device (LDD) to finely-tune the power (prescription) of the lens.  You may have up to three adjustments to find the best vision for you. Between adjustments, you can preview your eyesight and compare the different prescriptions.  It may take a few treatments to perfect your results, but every adjustment gets you closer to your desired vision.

Who is a good candidate for the Light Adjustable Lens?

Most patients are ideal candidates to have the LAL, particularly if they want most precise vision possible and have a desire to eliminate the need for eyeglasses. You should not receive the LAL if you have:

  • Significant pre-existing macular disease
  • Sensitivity to UV light
  • Uncontrollable eye movements
  • History of herpes in the eye

You also need to be able to follow your eye doctor’s instructions closely. After receiving the LAL, you must wear special UV-protective glasses for approximately four to six weeks.  If you are not prepared to follow these instructions, you should discuss other options with your doctor.

Find out if you’re a candidate for Cataract Surgery.

Answer a few questions in our at home Cataract Self Test to find out if you are a good candidate for surgery. Our cataract team will review your results and call you to provide more information for custom Cataract Surgery!

How many light treatments do I need?

The number of treatments depends on the shape of your eye, your prescription, and your personal preferences. You might need anywhere from two to four treatments total.  Each light treatment is very brief, and they take place over one to two weeks. There is a good chance that you will achieve your desired vision within a month of having cataract surgery.

What makes the Light Adjustable Lens different from other IOLs?

During cataract surgery, your clouded lens gets replaced with an IOL. This method is successful at removing cataracts, but most patients still need glasses after surgery. There is no way to predict how your eye will heal, and other IOLs do not allow for adjustment after healing. The Light Adjustable Lens is different.  It is the first and only adjustable IOL. That means you can customize your vision with the LAL based on your needs and desires after it has been implanted in your eye.

How can I find out if the Light Adjustable Lens is suitable for me?

You can learn more about the LAL and determine if it is right for you by talking to your eye doctor. If you are going to have cataract surgery, make sure to discuss your options before selecting an IOL.  Your doctor will review your medical history and eye exams to determine if you’re a good candidate.

To learn more or to find out if the Light Adjustable Lens is right for you, call us at (802) 775-0038 or request an appointment online to schedule a Cataract Consultation.

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